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Vide-OH! of the Day

9 Mar

When I’m always broke, in stressful situations, and desperate for things of my own it’s very easy to be annoyed with life. Today is one of those days. On days like today I like to put this song on and play it over and over again. Enjoy!

A Message to College Girls, from a Girl that’s Been There

2 Feb

As a recent college grad, I have been looking back on my days at school and I have come to a realization: I lived those four years well. However, I didn’t walk into college on day one and party until graduation day. My first semester of college was filled with a lot of uneasiness, weekend trips home, and desperate attempts to fit in. But through that I somehow found a really amazing group of friends, including my awesome boyfriend, and I ended up without any regrets.

So I thought I might share a few solid life lessons I gained during my time at college for the other amazing ladies out there in college or about to head off to school, lessons that carried me through my education with astounding success. They’re short, they’re sweet and they’re guaranteed to keep you happy.

1. Ditch the ducky face
You know what ducky face I’m talking about, ladies. Every girl has a picture with a bunch of other girls all making that weird “kissy” thing with their lips. People make fun of the duck face for a reason, because it looks weird! I know you’re trying to look cute, but you’re cute enough without making some twisted face. Just smile, it’s worked for the last few generations!

2. Keep the photos off Facebook
All of your professors tell you this, your parents say it, your RA, pretty much everyone of authority tells you to keep your party pictures off of social media, and it’s with good reason. Come on, girls. You are future educators, nurses, doctors, lawyers (and in my case, underpaid journalists that accept freelancing work… winky face). One day I will be turning to you to teach my children and heal my wounds. Do you know how terrifying it is to see you drinking out of a sack of Franzia in the middle of a Tuesday afternoon!? Facebook is full of people who only know each other based on what is posted online, and as much as it stinks to admit it, those people will judge you based on how you behave on your profile page. Make them jealous of your accomplishments, not your alcohol intake.

3. Avoid boys who think it is acceptable to wear lacrosse jerseys as every day clothing
This same rule applies to boys in neon, those who wear shorts past mid-October and guys who wear “Family Guy” t-shirts. You are a woman on the path of higher education. You need a man, not boy, and I guarantee that these poorly-dressed creatures will end up being a disappointment in the long run. You can only watch a guy play Halo and drink Natty Light so much.

4. Wear UGGs and North Faces… as much as possible
They are crazy comfortable, and once out of college you can’t take advantage of them as much as you once could. These two staples of college wear aren’t really acceptable in the workplace. I mean, let’s face it, they don’t really match a suit. I know that UGGs and North Faces are a typical “college girl stereotype,” but they look cute and they really are the most comfortable things you can rock.

5. Throw a party for every possible occasion
Halloween, the Super Bowl, Thursday night television, passing a hard test… these are all acceptable occasions to get as many friends as possible together to eat good food and make some drinks. When you graduate you will no longer have your best friends living 10 feet away, or down the hall, or in the house next door. Take advantage of being overly accessible, and celebrate having it all!

6. Try not to live up to college stereotypes
When I got to college I expected to see kegs flying out of windows, a new crazy party every night, and all that scandalous insanity that you see in any modern “National Lampoon” movie. Needless to say, I was pretty bummed when my first week at school didn’t match that. Now looking back I can say that some of my best memories of college are sitting on the couch with my room mates and a bottle of wine watching “Barefoot Contessa.” Make your college experience exactly that: your experience. Find people that like the same things you like, stay in on the occasional weekend, and don’t pressure yourself to have too much fun. You’ll miss out on what’s right in front of you.

Happy LonDay!

27 Jan

If it was actually 10 a.m. in London three years ago and not today (I know that’s a stretch but it’s how I see it) my plane would have been landing in Heathrow airport for the beginning of my 5 month stint living in London. Which is why every year I celebrate today, LonDay, by being as English as possible. Last year I made bangers and mash, this year I’m going a cheaper route with a Dairy Milk bar and some English Breakfast tea.

I would define myself as an Anglophile. That means someone who is totally obsessed with English culture and England in general. If I had a guaranteed job and some money there would be nothing stopping me from living back in London again. It’s the best place on earth, and I have so many wonderful memories.

Katie, Me, Lizz and Laura outside of the Colosseum in Rome with our European boyfriends

I owe a lot of who I am to my time studying abroad at Kingston University. First of all I would have never really bonded with my boyfriend Alex if it wasn’t for our long, late night talks after trips home from the bar. I mean about 90 percent of the foundation of our relationship began based around my time in London and the fact that he was always there when I needed someone to talk to at 3 in the morning. He was the first person who reached out to me when I landed in London and the first person to reach out to me when I got off the plane in the United States five months later. And then, when he went to London exactly one year later, as much as it hurt, I made sure to be there every night for his trip back home. And I’m not going anywhere.

The friends that I made while studying abroad are an amazing group of individuals that I feel so lucky to have met. People that I never could have imagined deserving to know, and people that made the entire semester the amazing experience that it was. Honestly, I look at the people I met while in England and think “Jeeze, how do these people actually like talking to me still? They must still be buzzed from study abroad.”

Jump shot in front of the Louvre with Sara

I’m lucky to have such adventurous friends. Let’s face it, college-goers, sitting around your friend’s dorm room drinking Natty and watching guys play XBox all weekend isn’t fun. Getting a group of 8 people to hop a bus with you to Edinburgh, Scotland for the weekend? That’s fun. Studying abroad gave me the chance to meet people like me, people who couldn’t sit still long enough to be bored. I’ve never done so much in such a short time, and I loved it. I could have never imagined getting on a boat in the middle of the Greek Islands to go meet up with your friends in Mykonos. Oh what did you do this weekend? Oh, just met up with my friends who were hanging out at a tropical island in Greece. No big dealio.

Camden Town in Greater London

I’m really thankful for London. When I came there for the first time in 2007 I fell in love. I never knew I could have such an emotional attachment to a place, but I did. The city is so amazingly diverse, the people are so genuinely interesting and unique, it’s a place I was meant to live in. When I returned in 2009 I really had no idea what my life was about. I was in between majors and generally tired of being stuck in New Jersey doing the same thing every day. I’m not the type of person who can just settle into a place and sit still, I have to get up and go. London gave me that opportunity every single day. From Central London and Westminster to Notting Hill and Camden and, of course, Chelsea, there were so many different places, all more wonderful than the last. It helped me figure out who I am. Being alone in a new place without the glare of people that thought they understood who I was helped me realize that I wasn’t what everyone just assumed I was supposed to be. It gets harder to see that now, being back in the same situations, but days like today remind me not to give up on who I really am.

If you are currently a student in college, one about to go to college, or a student considering college I cannot stress this enough: study abroad. I guarantee that it will change your life. I have become a more-grounded, understanding and tolerant person because of my time overseas. The world is full of different and unique people that aren’t going to change to fit your standards, and the best way to learn that is by getting on a plane and seeing all that the world has to offer. You don’t get many opportunities in life to just pack up and go, and when you do you better get up and do it. Step away from the frat parties and “Family Guy” reruns for a semester and go meet new people. Make new friends. See sights that you never thought you would. Experience the world. Experience life.

SOPA… more like NOPE-a

18 Jan

Hahaha, my title is hilarious!! Okay, back to business.

If you haven’t heard about SOPA/PIPA well then you have a lot to catch up on. I don’t quite feel like explaining it here, because I wouldn’t do as good of a job as other reporters and bloggers, so Google it, or do your research on it! It’s a shame that such an important event is receiving such minimal coverage, but this is our Internet, get off Facebook and use it for good, not evil.

Lots of websites have joined a fight against SOPA/PIPA: Wikipedia is down today (so that means all you college students have to go out and actually research your projects today… sucks!), and Google, WordPress, Flickr, Wired and the browser Firefox have joined in to fight for whats right.

My fear is that through all of this, big media outlets will take over and cut out any chance for smaller, up-and-coming projects to develop. Big companies- like a certain partially-eaten fruit we’ve all become so addicted to- will be able to sue and block littler threats… basically shut them up. That sounds wrong doesn’t it? This is going to limit artists abilities to get their art seen and heard. Bad example for some, but Bieber wouldn’t be the star he is if not for YouTube covers. If this passed, he would have been locked up for posting those videos. How can this type of censorship even seem like a remotely good idea to anyone?

Listen, I agree with the government in some ways: things need to be done to protect the copyright and to keep online media flowing in an illegal and effective way to the viewer. Without it the music, movie, artists, photographers and journalism fields are suffering- trust me on the journo bit. But throwing our freedoms onto a fire like SOPA/PIPA? That’s insanity! We are in the early stages of this crazy battle against piracy, and to jump to such ridiculously over-the-top conclusions is, well, jumping to ridiculous and over-the-top conclusions! There should be better options for the viewer/listener/reader. We should be more focused on a more affordable and organized outlet for media, not focused on shutting down anything that is questionable or different. The world is full of people that do bad things, and our Internet can be a reflection of that. The government is not allowed to censor what goes on in the outside world, so why should this be any different online?

If you’re like me, and think that we shouldn’t be limited in our online choices, check out FightForTheFuture.org, and sign their petition to let our government know that we want our voices heard. They also need to know entirely banana bread this whole idea is, then get sent to bed with no dessert for being so bad.

Counting Down the Days

21 Aug

Today is my third day out of six days working in a row, so I’m half way there. Half way done my work shift and half way to my vacation! On Thursday Alex and I are driving up to Boston for a couple of days to see a baseball game and just relax.

It is a little tiring to be working six days in a row but it’s pretty great that I am getting the hours and the money, so I really don’t mind one bit. Plus it just gives me more to look forward to once my shift on Wednesday ends and all I have to do is kick back and enjoy my vacation. I am, however, getting some pretty sick cashier’s arms… which is basically when my upper arms get super store from standing there and lifting heavier things like milk and jugs of watermelons and cases of weird organic probiotic drinks. Maybe after enough Kambuchas that means I’ll have some sick muscles and look like this chick…

But probably hopefully not.

So here I am, a couple days from my best friend coming home for a while and from my vacation to Boston! Why Boston, you ask? Well, to be honest it wasn’t our first choice. We knew we needed to get away for a few days, because living at home is one of the most awful things on the planet and we desperately needed a break from being surrounded by people all day every day. We wanted to do a cruise after graduation but we couldn’t find a job early on in the summer and finances kind of cut it back to something way less lavish. Next we knew we wanted to see a famous ballpark. I would rather get eaten by wolves then step food in Yankees Stadium, Chicago was too expensive of a trip to drive and everything else was way too far, so Alex found cheap tickets to Boston and we went from there!

I have a lot to look forward to in the next few days, but right now all I want is for time to start moving faster! I mean this last half hour has moved so slowly that I can’t imagine how the rest of the day will be. Time to wait it out I guess…