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10 Reasons Why I Suck at Blogging

26 Oct

Every night for the past two weeks I have tried to sit down and leave a post in this thing. I’m not short of ideas, that’s for sure. I’ve got this new (at times, very very stressful job), I’m car and apartment shopping and I’m just generally weird at all times. Creativity isn’t the issue.

So, as a form of punishment, and hopefully inspiration, I’ve decided to sit down and list my 10 reasons why I suck at blogging.

1. I’m lazy.
Let’s not lie here. After a day of doing stuff I don’t feel like settling down and doing more stuff. I am pretty lazy, and I just don’t like pushing myself beyond what is necessary. Sorry!

2. I get too preoccupied with other pointless stuff.
Right now I’m knitting myself a scarf. I didn’t realize how long and stupid and time consuming knitting a scarf is. No, I don’t plan on packing it away and going back to sanity. I plan on finishing it, then move onto another pointless craft to waste my time.

3. I’ve got a job.
Here’s the deal with entry level jobs: they make you work a lot. A lot. I expected working a lot, just maybe not 10 hours a day like I am now. So, when I get home, the last thing I want to do is write more.

4. I’ve got too much I want to do with money from that job.
Dinners, shopping, trips, those dumb crafts I mentioned. Think of all the ways a person can waste their money and I have done that in the last two weeks. Now don’t get me wrong, I am by no means making a lot of money, but I am spending a lot of money. And that takes money.

5. I’ve got a boyfriend.
Working a 50 hour a week job takes up enough time, and I still have a boyfriend that I kind of sort of like spending time with. I’m not going to spend my now very limited with him on a computer. I spend enough time every day staring at a screen for Pete’s sake.

6. I’m too busy reading better blogs.
I am obsessed with HelloGiggles.com right now. Seriously. Why are you still reading this? Go check that out.

7. I was in mourning over the Phillies.
Yes, when the Phillies lost in the first round of the playoffs (The first round? Seriously guys? I don’t even unders…whatever.) I actually cried. The entire night. I’ve been spending the last three weeks hiding from sports stations, news websites, anything that mentions the word “baseball.” It takes a lot of energy to be that pathetic.

8. I’m not doing very well at having it all.
My mind kind of painted a picture of this (entry-level) job as being a glamourous 12-4 $50,000 a year reality show kind of job where I don’t actually do anything. Turns out I spend most of my day stressing over not screwing up only to receive a paycheck that makes me angry and depressed just to look at, then go home to a house pretty packed full of people and pass out. Then on top of that I got my lovely student loans letters, so after this month I will be spending the next 10 years of my life hating my decision to go to college. I’m definitely not living like a Kardashian.

9. I’m trying my best at pursuing even more topics worth writing about.
When the weekends come I try and get out to do, you know, hobbies. See friends, watch sports, drive places, see things. Just try and be a little more interesting than average. Doesn’t lead a lot of time to be a blogger

10. I’m good at making up excuses.
See numbers one through nine.

Catching up on life

5 Oct

If I was going to say ‘sorry I haven’t been posting lately, I’ve been super busy’ that would be a terrible lie.

Because super busy doesn’t even explain how insane my life in the last week has been.

In case you all were wondering, yes I am still with my job and yes, I did get my terrible, horrible, hideous haircut fixed. Getting into the swing of things at the magazine has been much crazier than I imagined it would be. I’m there at least nine hours a day, and I always wish I had the energy to work for another nine more.

When I interned at the magazine I didn’t stress if a project didn’t get finished or if I missed a part of an assignment, because I knew that when 5 p.m. rolled around I was out of there until the next time I was due back. In the mean time someone else could pick up my mistakes. In the big-girl-world that isn’t how life flies, and my biggest stress is constantly worrying about getting everything done and doing it well. I can’t mess this up.

I think my unexpected pile of stress led to my nasty cold over the weekend. My cold couldn’t have come at a worse time: it was the first weekend that I wouldn’t have to show up at a job, it was the start of the MLB playoffs and, most importantly, it was my Nanny’s 92nd birthday party.

I love my grandmother. She is one of the most important people in my life, and we have always had a very special bond that I haven’t shared with anyone else. She gives me faith in moments of my life when I didn’t think faith would come to me.

Monday was my Nanny’s official birthday, so I had planned to call her, then visit her during the week and then write a post about how special she is to me here. Unfortunately plans changed when my Nanny fell of a step in her home and broke her hip. At the age of 92 any injury is serious, especially one that would require such a serious surgery. Needless to say I felt beyond crushed, guilty and all-around miserable. I couldn’t even be there for her birthday, which, after her fall, my family was viewing as her last. I had let her down.

My Nanny grew up orphaned during the Great Depression. She has survived cancer, heart disease, a stroke. She’s lost her husband and one of her sons, and yet she still stands as the strongest person I have ever experienced. She is a fighter, and she proved that once again to our entire family as she fought through her surgery Tuesday morning. While she is in pain she is recovering, and should start to heal soon.

It has been a stressful crazy and pretty much overwhelming week. I’m pretty much ready for it to be over. I’m ready to become more adjusted to a real work schedule and full work responsibilities and I’m really ready for the Phillies to stop stinking and finish this series. All I can do is hope for an easier next week, right?


It’s Business Time!

24 Sep

One week ago I was behind a counter ringing up over-priced produce. And today?

Ladies and gentlemen, you are looking at the new editorial assistant at South Jersey Magazine.

There’s my acceptance letter and everything (I have to apologize for my appearance. If we’re being honest I really did nothing to improve my awkwardness before taking this picture. I just put a cardigan on so it looked like i wasn’t wearing pajamas. Which I am.)

I have a job!! I am seriously completely floored right now. Back in 2010 I interned at the magazine and had a seriously amazing time. It was a great place, a totally interesting magazine and I really did well there. Well, the other day I was sitting around being my poor self AKA window shopping at the mall when I got a call from my old Editor-In-Chief with a job offer! Of course I answered with a perfect response…

“Uh….Uhhh… OH MY GOD OKAY!!!! OH MY GOD… What!?” Literally. Growing up is a process…

Here I was, prepared for the next few months of steady unemployment and substitute teaching and a job opportunity that I would only dream about just sneaks out of nowhere. I’m seriously blown away. I feel like one of the luckiest people on earth right about now: first I got this job, then I found my favorite pair of pajama shorts, then I realized that I actually have a career and cried a little. I’ve been in a state of shock and surprise and smiles pretty much all day long.

Growing up may be a process but I guess it begins on Wednesday for me. I just can’t wait to wear a work outfit and fancy shoes every day. I’m a grown up now!!!

Try This!

12 Sep

Oh, Whole Foods.

As my days as a cashier wind down I am taking this opportunity to gobble up everything delicious in the store with my discount. In one week I will be another broke schmuck that can’t afford a bottle of water in that store (no, seriously, I accidentally payed $2.50 for a bottle of water the other day), so I might as well use the 20 percent off I have now to it’s fullest advantage.

That being said I have had my eye on this one drink that my boyfriend, Alex, bought the other day, the Vanilla Chai Tea by Bolthouse Farms.


I’m not even going to try and use an adverb (if it isn’t an adverb I’m sorry. Alex and I had about a ten minute discussion trying to figure out what an adverb was. Damn public education) to describe how good this stuff is because there is none. It is smooth and creamy with just the right amount of cinnamon and vanilla and it probably tastes like John Stamos looks when its warmed up… ohhhh I gotta try warming it up… Have Mercy!

On top of that it is pretty good for you and one serving is actually a really decent amount to drink (the bottle pictured is four servings, not one). On my break at work today I couldn’t even get through one serving before I was full.

Oh my gosh just talking about this stuff makes me want to drink more of it. I’m glad I still have like half of the bottle left. Bolthouse Farms also makes some pretty killer smoothies. I’m a strawberry-banana fanatic myself. And that giant bottle of really good quality tea was actually only four dollars. It is worth it, and if you had more self-control than I do it would last a long time.


2 Weeks Notice

4 Sep

I finally put in my two weeks notice and Whole Foods. That means, in a matter of a few days, I will no longer- and hopefully never again- be a cashier.

When I put my two weeks in I was excited and relieved and all those emotions you feel when you move on from a job you don’t really want to be in. Then, after a day or two, I started getting nervous and a little bummed out. I like the people that work there, I like (most of) the customers and I know that I can positively get some hours there. The same does not apply to my substitute teaching job, at least as of yet. I am intending on working hard and earning the maximum amount I can in this job, no matter how early I have to wake up or where I have to go, but it still doesn’t guarantee anything. Plus, what if I’m terrible at substitute teaching? What if kids walk all over me or I just do a bad job?

This is a bigger risk than I normally take. I mean, as soon as I graduated college I at least had a job, even if it was Whole Foods, that promised me steady hours while I looked for something else. Here I am, trying to jump into a job that I really don’t know anything about in an actual career, with no idea where I will be. I’m leaving behind a steady job that I’m settling into- sure it isn’t glamourous but I’m lucky to have anything- and I really don’t know where I’ll be in 3 months. Plus, what will I do when the summer rolls around?

I was thinking of going into a seasonal job at Whole Foods, as insurance for this job, but I feel like that is taking an easy way out. By next summer I want to have a career, something real and sturdy that will support my next life move.

This whole job and being a grownup thing is very nerve-racking. I really want to start doing the “adult” things in life- car payments, bills, moving out, you know how it is- but I can’t seem to get that financial footing.

As Kanye says, “Having money’s not everything not having it is.”

Try This: My little splurge

3 Sep

The Whole Body section of Whole Foods is a financial minefield: incense, perfume, jewelry, all those things that are really overpriced but totally addicting. I have done a really good job at avoiding temptation in that area, but today I gave in.

Once a month the store gets a new shipment of shirts or clothing in, and today was that particular day. It also happened to be pay day. Whomp. We got these great new cowl neck tops in from Threads For Thought, that were super comfy and in a bunch of great colors. The problem? They were $34 dollars. Of course my first instinct is to calculate how much it would cost after my discount, then as usual I stepped aside and thought: well, if it’s meant to be it’s meant to be. I went through my shift did all the smiling and nodding and whatever that I usually do and went to leave. As I  was going to leave I saw some other cashiers with those shirts on hold behind the customer service desk, only to find out that they were almost completely sold out. So of course I did the most logical thing I could think of: sprint to the rack and buy the first color in my size I could find, which was actually a really nice lavender color.

I got home, slowly getting more and more ticked at myself for buying a 30-something dollar shirt and ran to try it on, but not before sneaking it by my dad and brothers to avoid explaining my stupid decisions. Let me tell you: I friggin love this shirt. It looks great, its totally interesting and insanely comfortable. Plus I can totally be a portentous hippie if I ever get a compliment on it: “Oh this? Yeaaaaah I got it at Whole Foods. It’s organic. Plus the company donates money to charities. Oh, how much did it cost? Oh well more than what you’re wearing, but it’s okay, it’s orgaaanic.”

The Threads for Thought site is actually a pretty great website. While some things, like my shirt, are a little bit absurdly priced, they have sweatshirts and sweatpants and some t-shirts and even hats for pretty reasonable prices. And since they are all really good fabric you can be sure that they are super comfortable.

I decided that this is going to be my little splurge and that I’m not going to think about the price. I rarely find a shirt on the rack that looks as good as this without trying it on and I have nothing in this awesome purple color. I mean, check out that mean cowl neck. Rawr. It’s getting me even more psyched for fall.

Now I’m going to have to get new skinny jeans and jewelry and maybe I’ll start blow drying my hair more often and actually do my makeup really well, not just mascara eyeliner and bronzer like usual. See, one little splurge can make a difference in my life!

Today’s Earthquake!

23 Aug

I’m sure there were a ton of interesting stories of where people were during today’s east coast earthquake. I mean, how cool is that? An earthquake on the east coast? I mean, when does that ever happen? I wouldn’t actually get to know these stories, however, because my entire life is currently consumed with the “boop, boop, boop” sound my register makes as I ring up a never-ending line of goji berries and dinosaur kale.

When the earthquake hit I was standing there, ringing and ringing as usual. I had a particularly cheery- if not totally phony- disposition because corporate guys were in the store and I wasn’t trying to get a bad report from those dudes. All of the sudden I felt like my head was bobbing back and forth, then I felt it in my feet. I asked if anyone else was feeling this but everyone is so in the zone in their own minds no one answered me, so I thought I was literally losing my mind. I thought that the six days of working in a row had finally done me in and I was going bonkers. I looked around and saw the hanging lights and signs in the store swaying as well and looked outside to see people running into the parking lot, and realized, ‘oh crap, this is an earthquake.’

At this point, some customers and cashiers still had no idea what was going on. I didn’t want to cause a big commotion but it only takes one or two overdramatic people yelling about how traumatized they are to  get everyone’s attention and, well, the rest is history I guess.

I had been in one earthquake before, when I was in Rome, Italy, with my friend Lizz in 2009. That one was a lot more intense then this one, but it brought back the same feelings: excited and surprised, but also concerned and confused. My first thought is to where the big quake is, and what is happening there. In Italy it resulted in some deaths, so I was even more concerned today. Most importantly, no one was hurt during the earthquake, so I feel like I can call it cool and interesting. I also feel lucky, because the whole situation could have gone in the opposite direction. But since it didn’t I am more interested in hearing everyone else’s stories…


Counting Down the Days

21 Aug

Today is my third day out of six days working in a row, so I’m half way there. Half way done my work shift and half way to my vacation! On Thursday Alex and I are driving up to Boston for a couple of days to see a baseball game and just relax.

It is a little tiring to be working six days in a row but it’s pretty great that I am getting the hours and the money, so I really don’t mind one bit. Plus it just gives me more to look forward to once my shift on Wednesday ends and all I have to do is kick back and enjoy my vacation. I am, however, getting some pretty sick cashier’s arms… which is basically when my upper arms get super store from standing there and lifting heavier things like milk and jugs of watermelons and cases of weird organic probiotic drinks. Maybe after enough Kambuchas that means I’ll have some sick muscles and look like this chick…

But probably hopefully not.

So here I am, a couple days from my best friend coming home for a while and from my vacation to Boston! Why Boston, you ask? Well, to be honest it wasn’t our first choice. We knew we needed to get away for a few days, because living at home is one of the most awful things on the planet and we desperately needed a break from being surrounded by people all day every day. We wanted to do a cruise after graduation but we couldn’t find a job early on in the summer and finances kind of cut it back to something way less lavish. Next we knew we wanted to see a famous ballpark. I would rather get eaten by wolves then step food in Yankees Stadium, Chicago was too expensive of a trip to drive and everything else was way too far, so Alex found cheap tickets to Boston and we went from there!

I have a lot to look forward to in the next few days, but right now all I want is for time to start moving faster! I mean this last half hour has moved so slowly that I can’t imagine how the rest of the day will be. Time to wait it out I guess…

Previous Post

17 Aug

Last Sunday I was sitting here, excited to start my job at Lucky and quit Whole Foods…

And here I am, two days later, completely and totally in a different mind-set.

I didn’t really understand why I was so confused and bothered about switching jobs. I mean I’ve done it a lot before and I really like Lucky Brand as a store but I was terrified. Then I got there and I realized: me settling into another retail job just meant that I was becoming more and more reliant on these jobs that I don’t want as my future. If I kept taking these jobs so seriously I would never have the future I want to have.

After my first day of sitting at a desk in Lucky Brand watching orientation videos I realized that I needed to stick with Whole Foods. I know Whole Foods inside and out, and it will motivate me to become more serious about looking for the real thing.

Even though I made this decision I wasn’t happy about it. I don’t want to be jumping between part-time retail jobs. This shouldn’t be the decision I’m making. Yeah, I was bummed out bad. But then, I was woken up to a call from my substitute teaching position! I had been hired on as a job coach, where I teach special needs students jobs in local stores and businesses. It’s an actual job offer from September-June. A real job!

It’s amazing how quickly life and just totally flip over and brighten up so quickly. It really is. Every time I feel like I’m at the end of my rope something comes along and tells me to keep on going. So here I go I guess.

Moving onto a new job…?

14 Aug

As I get closer to preparing to leave Whole Foods for Lucky Brand I keep panicking. I told my parents and friends at work and they all ask me the same question:

“So you’re going to quit on Sunday?”

Well, as of seven minutes ago, today is Sunday, and as of Sunday I don’t have any answers to that question. I want to leave Whole Foods, because I was told I can expect more hours, I want to dress better, I’m excited to do more than just stand behind a register and I am excited to have a discount that I will actually use. I don’t do the grocery shopping in my house, and since my parents don’t shop at Whole Foods it’s pretty much wasted.

Then I think about the last week or so at Whole Foods. I have actually met some pretty awesome people there, and I would really miss the conversations. Sure, most of the time they are about how dumb work is, but I laugh a lot, smile a ton and I actually like work now (ask me that when I start my 10 a.m. shift tomorrow and I might literally rip your face off of your face). I guess the question I have to ask myself would be, is having fun with my coworkers really worth the poor hours and frustration of always being broke?

When I look at it logically, the answer is simple: obviously I need to work more, and I will without a doubt meet people at Lucky Brand as well. But every time I finish a shift at Whole Foods that is fun I start to regret moving around so much. It’s so conflicting!

I’m also worried about what is going to happen when the fall rolls around and I begin substitute teaching. I worry that I’m not going to get enough hours subbing and that I will have to leave my new job for a job that can’t guarantee me everything I need. I mean I’m so many steps away from being a legit grownup: I need a car, I need to move out, get my own phone plans and car insurance and health insurance. All of that is so so far away and I can’t keep relying on these temporary and limited jobs if I want to keep moving forward with my life, but how can I move forward when I have no idea what I want to do?

Night time is always when all of this stress comes bubbling up, keeping me awake and worried. I can only hope that it will work out, because I like to believe that in the end it always does. I just hate the process I guess.